Vacuum Lift

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Vacuum Lift

Safe, efficient pipe handling with vacuum lift

  • Shoe sizes: 8 to 48″
  • Decreases risk of damage to pipe and coatings
  • More efficient than traditional pipe handling methods
  • Reduce ground personnel for added safety
  • Self-contained diesel driven unit with electric remote start capability
  • Engine cannot be shut off while load is suspended
  • Operates safely and effectively in sub-zero temperatures
  • LT30 unit fits 25 ton to 80 ton excavator

Vacuum lifters for use in lifting all diameters and various types of pipe from steel and concrete to plastic. These machines use a diesel engine coupled with a high-volume vacuum pump and lifting pad to create a powerful seal which can lift up to 30,000 lbs. Each machine is fitted with lifting pads that create the seal required for the machine to draw a vacuum between pipe and pad when the rubber seals meet the pipe. The lifting pads come in a variety of diameters to fit project specific pipe diameters.

Typically, the lifter is attached to an excavator or trackhoe and is used to lift and position the pipe as needed. This allows the operator to move the pipe in a smooth rotating motion versus using a sideboom and turning the entire machine to position the pipe.

Once the pad is in place the operator pushes a remote button from the cab of the excavator, engaging a vacuum valve that causes the pump to draw a vacuum. The vacuum created between the pipe and lifting pad keeps the pipe attached to the lifter, allowing the opera- tor to lift and move the pipe until the vacuum on the pad is released.

This unit can be rented installed on excavator.


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