C&L Pipeline Equipment offers a wide range of supplemental services to help you.

Bevelling Machine Servicing and Reconditioning

Your tools work hard in brutal working conditions, let us help extend the life of your small equipment. We clean and service jeepers, crawlers and bevelling machines.

C & L Cutting Equipment Service

C & L Jeeper Service

Custom Bending Services

We offer complete custom pipe bending services for your project. Our large yard is conveniently located to drop pipe off to our professional experienced bending staff.

We offer:

  • Qualified, professional services a well maintained bending machines and mandrels.
  • Yard bending for pipe sizes 4-36″
  • Engineered drawings for all bends

Journeyman Mechanic Services

From Journeyman Mechanics in the field, to equipment servicing and maintenance – we have your equipment needs covered from start of project to wrap-up. We are available to service all heavy equipment including dozers, sidebooms, excavators, graders, and packers and on the job

  • Qualified mechanics are available for field or shop work.
  • Large well equipped shop for overhauls, repairs or service
  • Mobile Heavy duty mechanics with fully supplied trucks