RockGuard® HD Pipeline Protection Mesh



RockGuard® HD Pipeline Protection Mesh is a heavy duty, cost effective protectant used to shield your pipeline project. HD material is a proven protectant to your line from impact and ultimately corrosion from backfill.



HD material protects your pipe even in the most hazardous of pipeline terrains. This product is a premium, three dimensional, bi-planar, extruded diamond structured mesh. Manufactured from quality, low-density polyethylene resins. RockGuard® HD Pipeline Protection Mesh is a proven shield from damage to your pipeline.

ROCKGUARD®HD is flexible for easy handling, even at low temperatures and lightweight. Chemically inert, the protective material will not rot and the open mesh design allows water to flow freely over and off the pipeline ROCKGUARD®HD aperture design ensures that cathodic protection is not inhibited.



A minimum overlap of 6” is recommended

Nominal Pipe Size Rolls Width (inch)
2″ Pipeline 12
3″ Pipeline 18
4″ Pipeline 18
6″ Pipeline 24
8″ Pipeline 36
12″ Pipeline 48
16″ Pipeline 60
18″ or 20″ Pipeline 72

Pads available standard 6′ width

RG HD Technical Data 2016 C & L