Internal Air Clamp

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Internal Air Clamp

C & L Pipeline Equipment internal clamps have proven themselves on hundreds of miles of pipeline construction, both on land and offshore, in North America and overseas. The C & L Pipeline Equipment internal pipe lineup clamp ensures quick, accurate alignment of two joints of pipe during the welding operation.

Front and rear heads operate independently to lock clamp into position while specially designed shoes on each head exert pressure uniformly around the inside circumference of the pipe to force it into perfect roundness.

Features of the 8 – 12″ pull clamps include:

Small and lightweight easier to pull
Large air pistons for more power at lower air pressure
No Hi-Low adjustments
No Roll adjustments

Features of the 16″ and over power travel clamp include:

NO ROLL – Fixed roller wheels prevent clamp from rotating in the pipe. Cannot get out of adjustment.
DUAL SIDE DRIVE WHEELS – Adjustable air pressure controls, travel speed and climbing power. Simple sprocket exchange ability on gear box allows quick ratio change.
DRIVE TRAIN GEAR BOX – Provides safer downhill travel by maintaining better operator control.

Internal Clamp Sizes and Specifications


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