Bevelling Crawlers


One Bevel-Crawler operates with any size bands.


One Band Crawler operates with any size bands.

  • Crawlers and bands are for pipe 6” and above
  • Adaptable to any bevelling requirement
  • Smoothly and accurately cuts and bevels
  • Standard flexible 9’ drive shaft
  • Flexible 14’ drive shaft available for larger diameter pipe
  • Motorized drive optional
  • Minimum clearance needed in bell holes
  • Fully adjustable cutting head angle
  • Out-of-round pipe attachments unnecessary
  • Precision cast for more rugged strength
  • Mounts easily anywhere on the pipe
  • Above 48”, special order


Standard Bevel-Crawler including 9’ Shaft & Crank

Cube Weight
3 26 lbs.

Motorized Unit for Standard Bevel-Crawler

Cube Weight
3 17 lbs.

Note: Torch and angle head adapter not included