16″ to 30″ Bending Machine

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16″ to 30″ Bending Machine

C & L Pipeline Equipment Inc Models BM1630 will bend from 16″ up to 30″ (762mm), heavy wall, high yield pipe. These bending machines are designed to bend each pipe size to plus/minus 40 x pipe diameter = bend radius

Bending Sets
Each pipe size within a machine range requires different bending die set. Specially lined bending die sets, to prevent damage when bending pre-coated pipe, are available.

Bending Mandrels
From 16″ to 30″ can be used with this machine

BM1630 Dimensions
Length – 22’9″ (6.93m)
Height – 8’0″ (2.44m)
Width – 8’0″ (2.44m)
Weight – 31,000 lbs. (14,074 kgs.)

1630 Bending Machine Technical Information


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